Android Joke App Template

Android Joke App Template

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Android Joke App Template

Android Joke App Template

Important Support Notice

We are NOT providing support for this app. When committing a purchase you agree to rely on the documentation file we provide with the app and eventually resolve issues on your own. Please don’t purchase the app if you don’t have the needed technical skills when it comes to resolving issues. Thanks for the understanding.

Android Joke App Template Features:

  • The Jokes are loaded via xml;
  • Font Size Control;
  • Share via Email, Facebook or Twitter;
  • Slider with the latest jokes;
  • Splash, Home, New Stuff, Favorites and All Jokes Screens;
  • Search and rate my app features;
  • Accessibiity: Font size controller;
  • Easy customization: colors, pictures, texts;
  • AdMob (Regular banner ads), migrated to Google Play Services;
  • (NEW) Error Page when there is no internet connection;
  • (NEW) Offline Mode;
  • (NEW) You can use local .xml file within assets folder;
  • (NEW) Confirmation dialog for leaving the app.


The product can be used by everyone who wants to share jokes; thoughts; funny posts.

Android Joke App Template has user-friendly interface with easy to manage content. To use the app you just have to create single xml file, with all your jokes and upload it on a webserver. When the app is started on user’s phone, it will pull all jokes from that xml file.

You can update the content (the xml file) whenever you want, your users will instantly get the newly added jokes when they start the application.


• Demo .apk: here

• Video Tutorial & Demonstration: How to customize the application and demonstration

Check out the iOS version:

iOS Joke App Template - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

Latest Versions:

Version 2.0 (04.01.2016)
  • Migration to Android Studio;
  • Optimization of Default Font Size (Home and Single Screen).
Version 1.2 (01.08.2014)
  • Confirmation dialog for leaving the app;
  • Facebook share now uses directly the installed Facebook application and there is no need to create FacebookApp from;
  • Twitter share now uses directly the installed Twitter application and there is no need to create TwitterApp to share content;
  • AdMob to Google Play Services migration – Check Out the Tutorial
Version 1.1 (13.03.2014)
  • Error Page: the page is displayed when the user has no internet connection and he/she opens the app for first time;
  • Offline Mode – if the user has already loaded the jokes, he/she will be able to read them without internetet connection;
  • You can use local .xml file within the assets folder.
Version 1.0 (10.03.2014)
  • The jokes are loaded via XML
  • Splash Screen;
  • Home, New Stuff, Favourites and All Jokes screens;
  • Share options: eMail, Facebook, Twitter;
  • Search within the whole content;
  • Joke Slider with Latest Jokes;
  • Rate My App;
  • Font Size control for changing the size of the joke’s content;
  • AdMob (Regular banner ads)

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