Sarah IOS

Sarah IOS

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Sarah IOS

Sarah IOS

This is an IOS Platform Game, Built with BuildBox. The aim of the player is to Avoid touch anything black.
Download .apk file


Ads Networks

This game has the following Banner and Interstitial Ads Networks:-
  • Admob
  • Chartboost
  • Facebook
  • PlayHaven Token
  • Vungle
  • MoPub
  • HeyZap
  • Revmob
  • LeadBolt
  • Feel free to use any of those ads company.
    You can edit the game easily, no needs advance programming skills .

    This game also has a Leaderboard already setted up


  • All game elements are in .ai format.
  • Pause Feature – Player can pause game during gameplay.
  • Simple to play
  • Easy User Interface
  • Music and sound – Game comes with music and Audio features. Player can choose to turn off all sound fx or music.
  • Note That!! to edit this game, it’s very much required to have buildbox software, you can’t edit the game without the software

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