Wordpress iOS App

Wordpress iOS App

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Wordpress iOS App

Wordpress iOS App

Wordpress iOS App is combo of phonegap and angular js with Material Design layout features. It Works perfect for all iOS devices tablets and mobile.

PhoneGap is an open source framework that allows you to develop cross device capable mobile applications in Html5 and JavaScript. PhoneGap exposes native device functionality through the use of various JavaScript APIs.

AngularJS lets you extend HTML vocabulary for your application. The resulting environment is extraordinarily expressive, readable, and quick to develop.

Wordpress iOS App gives you flexibility for choose your own menu name,icons from http://fontawesome.io/ and decide your content you want to display from wordpress like pages,contact us/inquiry email, facebook and twitter page link, google map, Recommendation/testimonials, blog/news, image gallery and partners/clients slider much more.

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Application JSON (Webservices) configuration:

Wordpress iOS App fetches data from your wordpress website. For Pages, News, Gallery, testimonials, products we have used json api plugin. Just configure all things in client.js files in application package and your application is ready with all features.

Inappbrowser and email composer plug-in for application:

Inappbrowser: User for open your facebook page, twitter page and website within Application no need to redirect on external browser.


Email composer: Use for contact us just define your email address and subject in client.js file so app user is able to contact you.

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App Pages:

Blog Page: Here we have used Material Design feature so if website do not have feature image it will display first letter of blog title with random background colour in card view. Admin is able define recent post count and category post count also.

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About us: Here you can define any page from your website just define its slugname. Its display images of that page and content.

Wordpress iOS App - 7

Map: Display your company address on google map with your text by just defines latitude and longitude.

Wordpress iOS App - 8

Testimonials: Display your clients Recommendation on this page with image, name and description in quote format.

Wordpress iOS App - 9

Gallery: Display your product or image gallery with masonry effect and angular ui scroll effect.

Wordpress iOS App - 10 Wordpress iOS App - 11

Clients: Scroll your clients or partners company logos.

Wordpress iOS App - 12

Admob Configuration:

We have already install its package so just define your admob id in client.js file you are able to see both ads footer and interstitial.

Wordpress iOS App - 13

Pushwoosh Configuration:

We have already install its package so just define your Pushwoosh id in client.js file you are able to see both ads footer and interstitial.

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Wordpress Admin

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Demo Video

Demo Video

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